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NOTICE: Please do not edit this wiki at the moment. The game has not been released in any form and this wiki is being used to store information to help make it. Thank you.

Pokémon Star and Comet

Pokémon Star and Comet is a Pokemon fan game being created by StarmasterK13 (and is not yet complete). It will feature every existing Pokémon and form, as well as new Fakemon, Mega Forms, and alterations of existing Pokémon, including shinies (not a new concept, but most shiny forms will be changed), albino forms (basically just a colorless form, as rare as a shiny), and altered forms or subspecies which have new types, abilities, stats, and moves.

If you would like to suggest an idea, go to the Suggestions page.

You can also see the History of Generation A and the Flouria Region in the making here.

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